Crossmark Policy

"Annals of Healthcare Systems Engineering" recognizes the significance of upholding the integrity and completeness of scholarly records. To ensure the transparency and reliability of our published content, we adhere to the CrossMark scheme, offering readers a standardized way to access the authoritative version of a document. By clicking on the CrossMark icon, readers can ascertain the current status of the document and access additional publication record details.

Our commitment to maintaining the accuracy and credibility of our content is evident through the following policies:

  • Content Permanence: All content published in "Annals of Healthcare Systems Engineering" is securely archived in PubMed Central, irrespective of the outcome of the peer review process. This practice ensures that the scholarly record remains intact and accessible over time.

  • Integrity and Corrections: In the event of the need for corrections or retractions, we follow the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Policies on Retraction Guidelines, adhering to the best practices in scholarly publishing. Corrections are issued when there is a small portion of reliable content that proves misleading or inaccurate, while retractions are considered in cases of unreliable findings due to misconduct, errors, redundancy, plagiarism, or unethical research.

  • Expression of Concern: In instances where evidence of research or publication misconduct is inconclusive, our editors may issue an expression of concern, reflecting our dedication to transparency and accountability.

  • Change of Authorship: Generally, retraction is not necessary for changes in authorship unless the validity of the findings is in doubt. We prioritize maintaining the scholarly record's authority and the trust of researchers and librarians in our electronic archive.

"Annals of Healthcare Systems Engineering" holds the highest regard for the scholarly community's trust and the authenticity of our electronic archive. By following the CrossMark scheme and implementing rigorous publication and correction practices, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting transparency, accuracy, and integrity in scholarly publishing.

For further information or inquiries regarding our CrossMark policy or other aspects of the journal, please reach out to us at