Open Access Policy

"Annals of Healthcare Systems Engineering" is dedicated to the principles of open access, ensuring that all research articles published in our journal are fully open and immediately accessible to readers worldwide. This policy reflects our commitment to fostering the dissemination of knowledge and promoting scholarly engagement.

Article Accessibility:

All research articles published in "Annals of Healthcare Systems Engineering" are freely available to read, download, and share. We believe in removing barriers to access and enabling researchers, practitioners, and the public to benefit from the latest advancements and insights in various fields.


Published articles are licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC), granting users the freedom to use, distribute, and reproduce the content in any medium, provided proper attribution is given to the original work. This encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the responsible use of research findings.

Originality Assurance:

To uphold the integrity of published research, all submitted manuscripts undergo a thorough similarity check using the reputable software iThenticate. This ensures the originality and authenticity of the work, preventing plagiarism and maintaining the high standards of scholarly publishing.

Rigorous Peer Review:

Submitted manuscripts are subject to rigorous peer review by international experts in the respective fields. This process ensures that published articles meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and significance.

Author and Copyright Holder Rights:

Authors and copyright holders grant all users a free, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual right of access to the published work. This includes the license to copy, use, distribute, transmit, and publicly display the work, as well as to create derivative works for responsible purposes. Authors also retain the right to make a limited number of printed copies for personal use.

Archiving and Long-Term Accessibility:

Upon initial publication, a complete version of the work, along with supplementary materials, is immediately deposited in at least one online repository supported by reputable academic institutions, scholarly societies, government agencies, or established organizations. This practice ensures open access, unrestricted distribution, interoperability, and long-term archiving, safeguarding the work for future generations.

As a journal that values open access, "Annals of Healthcare Systems Engineering" invites researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts to explore, engage with, and contribute to our repository of knowledge. For more information about our open access policy, submission guidelines, and the latest published articles, please visit our website or contact us at